It's here! It's finally here!
Welcome to the home of Craig Freeman Photography. It's been 2 years in the making, with a lot of sweat a little blood and a few delays. Now, I do still need to do a few things, like the obvious need for some images on the main wall, but it's nice to have a home.
Thanks to everyones time and or support, especialy my father,father in-law and of course my wife Kari.


Eric Foley said...

It's about time you got hooked up with blogger! Welcome to the family!

Lottie Mae said...

I love your new studio, CONGRATS!! I will have to come see it in person! Love your favorite sister! Georgia

Unknown said...

Hi Craig!
Congratulations on your new and beautiful studio. I have been trying to reach you by phone, but have been unsuccessful. Hopefully that is because you have been very busy shooting!

I wanted to let you know that Century Color Lab ( in East Hartford is running a special through the end of March, 40% off large format prints ordered through ROES. Check us out, sign up and take advantage of this opportunity to put the finishing touch on your new studio!

Susan Johnston
Marketing Coordinator
Century Color Lab