Theresa & Chris, June 20th

Coach bags anyone?

This was her prom date which is why we did this wonderful prom pose!
Yes it rained. They say it's good luck.

I love my B&W!!!

These are from the wedding I photographed on the 20th of June. Theresa and Chris were fun to work with and I am sure everyone had fun that night. We had a lot of driving that day from Home to Aqua Turf to East Berlin and back to the Aqua Turf. Well worth it. Hope you all like the images.


Christine M. said...

I love the black and white one and the windmill! She's beautiful and he's a handsome groom!

Karen Swanson said...

Love the pictures. Black and white ones came out really nice. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Nice job Craig and Kari.

Chris Wamsley said...


You outdid yourself...the images look awesome.

Can not wait to see the rest...

Thank you so much for making great memories of the special day.

Kudos Craig and Kari

-The Groom