Something Different!

I just had to get out of the house on Sunday and stretch my photographic feet. We went to a little mill just over the boarder of MA and I shot with two cool lenses. The first one is the all mighty Lens Baby 3G. I just love the way it lets you focus on one subject while blurring everything else on the same plane. I used this on the two images of my wife, Kari. The other two images were taken with a pin-hole lens. This is fun because you don't need to focus, just point and shoot. Because a pin-hole lens has an aperture of f-128 or something like that everything is roughly in focus. They are a little soft but that is what makes them so moody and dreamy. I used this lens on the other two images in this post. Hope you like them? I think I will be bringing them on more shoots to be a bit more creative.

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Eric Foley said...

That B&W of Kari is AWESOME! I love your!