If you know these people, please keep it to your self. It is a surprise for there Grandparents!
Thank you.

So what do you do with six boys for a photo shoot? You bring them to a construction site of course! This was fun being able to put them on the equipment and get a little dirty. I also tried some textures out on a few of them. I thought they would make them look even dirtier.  


Christine M. said...

These are absolutely great! I love the one of Cayden in the tire and the one with the dirty butt. But actually they all came out great considering how challanging it was. Quite the departure from a bride and groom who do what you ask.

Christine M. said...

Jordan thinks the one with the four older boys looks like a CD cover. We'll call you when they become a famous boy band to do all their cover work! hahahah