Passing of a great American artist.

As some of you know of me and have read in past blogs I have always been a fan of Andrew Wyeth  and a lover of his work. This great (greatest) American artist has passed away today at the age of 91 at his home in Chadds ford, PA. I never got to meet the man. The closes I ever came was to meet his brother in-law, Duddly, who was originally from New Britain. He shared great insight to Andrews paintings and left me in awe. I have always looked onto his work for inspiration for my photography and even had the pleasure of photographing a location which he spent many a season painting some of his most famous work. I don't think their will ever be another artist who has the eye for subjects or the passion as Andrew Wyeth had. He will be missed by all who love art and be remembered for as long as his paintings remain.           

This image is my best interpretation of one of his paintings know as End of Olsons

A few of his paintings can be found locally at the  New Britain Museum of American Art 
Some of his work can also be found at MOMA
At the best collection in my opinion is in Maine at the Farnsworth Museum 

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Migs 林温斯 said...

Was browsing randomly through blogs and saw your amazing photos. I'm an aspiring photographer, and it's works like yours that keep the fire burning.

Good luck!