Being prepared!

You would think as a photographer I would always be ready to get an image. Well... not so much. I sometimes leave home without a camera because the new digital SLRs are so big and heavy. Thats fine for work but sometimes I want a small camera to be at the ready, so I went out and got a Canon G-10. I love this camera! All the images below are with the G-10 in the macro mode. WOW! I spent more on one lens to do this kind of photography and this is an all inclusive camera. Don't worry I won't show up at your wedding or portrait session with a point and shoot(even if it is tempting). 

I did play around a bit in Aperture. The one above is NOT a negative.

They are all a bit abstract but that is what I was going for.

This one below is two images sandwiched together. Thought it was cool. Looks like a tie-dyed hippie shirt.

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