Meet Miles..... oh and Erica and Ryan!

As much as I enjoy my clients I tend to enjoy their dogs more. Since this was Erica's and Ryan's session I only put one image of Miles in but I think you will agree that you just have to love the little guy. As far as the rest of the shoot, we walked around some of Wesleyan University in Middletown. I love taking images at collages and universities. So much architecture so many little spots to go so little time.
Keep an eye out for the wedding I photographed on this past Saturday.

A job well done to my beautiful wife who grabbed this awesome image.

We won't talk about the reflective nature of all white on a hot April day. The tow of them were great sports about it. Thanks Guys.

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Deb Bettencourt said...

Great pictures! Beautiful couple! I wish them the best.