Jessica & Matt

What another great Session with two great people. Jessica and Matt are one of my Oct. weddings and decided to have their getting to know you session in Hartford. I just love shooting in downtown. There are so many nooks and crannies (my fav. description lately). We got some awesome images and I think they had a good time as well (Maybe the bottle of Ballet wine helped. HeeHee!). Enjoy the images.

I give them 5 stars for not just having a picnic but for a great choice of wine.

Gotta' love the red doors. Thank you HFD for the doors.

I wish I could show you all 10 images after this one. He pulled a Zoolander!

And of course, thank you Kari for some awesome shots.

Kari captured this image as well. Pretty cool!

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Christina Bittner Photography said...

Great shots. I love the one with the flare above.