Time to get fired up! It's March and I'm ready. Ready for what you might ask. Well, everything. I am on such a roll I hope I can find a way to get everything done.
As you have noticed I've been blogging a bit more and loving every minute of it. I hope to share more thought and ideas in the future. Oh, and please let me know if you have ideas, any ideas. Photographically or for the blog or even what movie I should see. In fact I hope to see Paul next week. It looks funny.
I'm also fired up about my portrait photography. No I'm not getting out of weddings. I love shooting wedding and being part of someone's special day. With that said I have found a new love for portraits that I didn't have before. I have always loved looking at great portraits but was looking for more passion to take them and I think I found that passion. Please keep an eye out for my personal project "The Iconic Image Project". It's been awesome journey and I've learned a lot about what it is to look at, take and to have a portrait. A little sneak peak would be my self portrait on my web site. It's the first image of me that I truly love. It's also the worst image of the whole project, after all it was a self portrait.
So in closing I say to all of you, go get fired up and find that passion about something in your life.

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