Wow! I can't help but to comment on this. What in us bullies others or allow others to bully us. The latest video is a glimpse into what could happen when we, adult or children, get pushed to our limits. What's worse, I think, is how we all have taken different stands on this issue. Was he right or wrong? Should he have told an adult? Did he but ask for help but get ignored? What could he have done and still have some self respect. Some of us are emotionally strong and could have walked away where others would blame them selfs for being bullied in the first place. And how about the bully? What kind of life has he lived that makes him/her feel they need to have power over others. Is it insecurity, a bad home or is it the company they keep. We would all like to live in a world with only love and understanding, heck thats what my business is based on, but until we find a better way to deal with our emotions, both the bully and bullied, we will continue to see these situations.
I would love for everyone today try to say something nice or encourage someone they aren't close to. Watch and see how being nice can have a greater effect on someone than negativity.
Can't we all just get along?!


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