The new me...kinda'.

So I know that I've not been on top of this Blog as much as I would like but I'm hoping that's all going to change. Please keep an eye out for a bit more, a bit more of me. I'm also going to add a few new post features that will come daily, weekly and monthly. I want this to be a blog for me and for you so if you want to hear something or see something let me know and I may add it on.

Also I want to take this opportunity to point out that I want to be your friend. I know, that sounded creepy. What I mean is my friend on Facebook. I've noticed that I sometimes put things up there but not here. I'm working on that but still want to see you over on FB.

And don't forget to follow the world for Craig Freeman, that's me, on twitter, craigfphoto.

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