I wanted to thank my dog, Holly, for all the love and companionship. With out her Kari and I would have to talk more ; ) Because of you I have to get up in the morning. With you I don't look or sound as weird talking to myself (I did say "as weird"). And due to you I am sure we are all a little happier.
I all so want to thank you for the fur. Yes, the fur is what I said. Before you were around, we would get lazy and busy and decide to put off the house cleaning for up to three weeks. Now I can say that if we did that our home would look like a blond Chewbacca. We have taken to wiping things down every two or three days and vacuuming one or two times a week. I would get a Roomba but figured you wouldn't like it chasing you around and lucky for you Kari says I can't take a Flowbee to you. She all so said that wrapping you in something wouldn't help either.
Don't get me wrong, it's all worth it, but mark my words, as long a Tribbles are floating down the hallway I will be scheming on a way to keep the fun on you and not the floor.

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