I guess you could say I cheated on this image. The last few post have been from negatives I've scanned my self using a Epson V700. This image was scanned at a local one hour lab about 5 years ago. It's not up to par with the Epson but it's film none the less. It was created on a Hasselblad with Ilford XP-2. A little side note, there is something to be said to shooting in the desert. Their isn't any sounds but the wind. It gives you a chance to be with the moment to be with the image you're about to create.
I will worn you that if you stair to long you'll get sea sick. Just writing this with the image below is not doing me any good. Just now I realized that if you close one eye it helps a lot.
All that for one image. Totally worth in my opinion.

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