It was one of those beautiful days that you just had to go out and get some great images while the sun was still shining. As you can tell that didn't happen for me yesterday. I got out a little late and as I approached my destination the sun had just set. Dang it! I wasn't going to let night fall get me down and rain on my parade, I shoot anyway.
My target was the area surrounding the Colt building in Hartford. I had my friend Chris with me and I think he now knows what I already knew. There is to much there to be photographed. We only walked around maybe a third of the area and I just had to use a whole lot of self control to not shoot all night long. It's been about five or six years since I was over there taking images and was happy to do it again. I know I'll have to go back again. Now if I could just talk one of my couples into an urban setting. I'll even pay for the tetanus shot! Just kidding.... you're on your own.
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