KRISTINA & BERNIE'S ENGAGEMENT SESSION rain... It was just on of those Fall weekends that you just end up knocking on wood and hope all turns out well. Well, it did. This is Kristina and Bernie, and this is there engagement session (you could have guessed that but then what would I type out on this blog).
We meet down at Wethersfield Cove and walked around a bit then we headed to main street Old Wethersfield. I'm so happy they had a rainless session and I think we had some fun, even if it was a bit "corny" at times. I would elaborate but those black mail images will be saved for their viewing later.
I know I haven't put much up lately but stay tuned for number 2 engagement session from Sunday. Hope it will be up tomorrow. I'm sick and I'm going to bed. Happy thoughts and enjoy the images!

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