WOW ITS 2013

The blog that hasn't was the other possible title of the post but I figured I would keep it a bit more fitting  since it's January 1st 2013. In deed it is and I hope we can have a beautiful relation ship... well, what I mean is that I'm hoping to keep on top of "social media" this year (it's in quotes because of my dislike of using my time this way when I could play with my dog). I think I've mentioned my more common use of FB and Twitter which I would strongly suggest looking me up if you want to peek into my window... I mean, see what I'm up to. Plan on seeing a Photo a Day for the entier year. They won't all be hi-end but they will be interesting, fun, beautiful or just a bit confusing. No matter what I would not want to miss out. Not thinking I can keep up that on this blog it may be a photo a week. We'll have to see.
This is only step one in taming the beast (social media) and as always trying to move groove and improve.

HAPPY 2013 and we look forward to working, connecting and re-connecting with all of you this year!