Things are about to get interesting!

As many of you already know, my wife, who is also my photography companion, and I are expecting our first child this June. For those who didn't know... SURPRISE! This of course meant, as far as wedding season was concerned, that I was on the look out for assistance on weddings. For the most part that has been resolved, for the most part(again).
Over all I have nothing but joy with the idea of bringing someone into our little world here. With all of it's ups and downs I'm sure it will bring to our lives I do look forward to it all.
With this change there will be some with the business as well. I have all ready moved myself into a home office for the day to day operations. With that said, their is a far amount of paperwork that I have had to store at the studio so please be patient with me in regards to getting answers to you. On the photography side I have decided a new thought as well. I have done most of my maternity sessions in studio with only a few in a fun location. More often than not we all have fun and of course we get some great images. This may change a bit. Having the captive subject of my wife I got a chance to do another maternity session. We were going to go over to the studio but we kept getting busy. Then I have had the good luck (sarcasm) to get sick, but that didn't stop me from my duty as a photography husband. I set her up in the nursery, grabbed a couple of lenses, a flash with triggers and started shooting. I have to admit that it just seemed to flow well and be very natural. That's saying a lot for both of us(try photographing some one you know. It's not so easy). I'm hopefully attaching the slide show of it below for all the world to see. I'm sure Kari will be thrilled (more sarcasm).
I hope to see many of you over the summer season. I'll be running a few portrait session specials that you shouldn't pass up. Keep an eye out here and over on facebook.

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