Mandy & Joshua October 4th 2008

It's always about the brides dress, which is true but why not both?

50mm 1.2 L anyone? Love this lens.
The beauty of having a second shooter. Kari always stands somwhere else to see a little different. She nailed this one!
There is that barn!

How about some BBQ! And yes there was corn bread. Without it it's not BBQ.
I see tiny bubbles.

What can I say! This wedding was full of great surprises the biggest was pulling into the K of C and seeing this beautiful barn next door. We were luck enough to be photographing two wonderful people who would do anything I said. Thanks guys! We could not have asked for a better day ether. The weather was just right and we had plenty of light which is a concern this time of year. I hope you all love them as much as we do.

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marji said...

Wow! Craig & Kari, you two did an awesome job capturing the special moments of Mandy & Joshuas wedding day. It is wonderful to be able to view them on this website. Thanks so much for the special touches.
Marji (Mandys Mom)