I had an idea yesterday. I was going to go out to do a little street photography and get a bit to eat with a friend who was in town. So I loaded up and moved out. We went to New Haven and to my disappointment it just didn't click. I got more architecture images than anything else but not all was lost. The images before you are the last two frames of the day. First you'll see the world famous Louis' Lunch cheese burger and my Foxon Park birch beer (love that stuff). This was my first time at Louis' Lunch and it was great, even with the long wait. So after a great lunch we jumped in the car and I saw this average seen of a person eating in BAR (another New Haven icon) with all the reflections on the windows. I rolled down my window set up the shot then out of the corner of my eye I saw this guy coming closer and figured I'd wait to have him in the shot. I lucked out. Why, when someone goes in front of a camera do they crouch and make silly faces? I don't know but a thank you goes out to him. It made the image. 

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