I know what your thinking, but your wrong. There is an image of my dog so it must be bad. She is still with us and happy to say driving me crazy with fur and dog style antics. That is not what this is about.
Last week my studio lighting went dead on me. Not the best timing in the world. After days of research I had just about made up my mind. Then I went to the convention and there they were. My dream lights flashing away with dizzying color accuracy and beautiful light quality. These were in fact the Profoto D1 mono lights. They weren't even on my list of possibilities due to there price. They were just a dream. Then it happend, most of you could relate to this, every where I looked I saw Profoto D1's. Every where I tell you, every where! It's my worst nightmare. I hadn't even bought anything and I already had buyers remorse. It just made it harder to decide what to do. Then the opportunity of a life time arrived (please don't try selling me a bridge). At the convention there is a trade show. As I was leaving the show I saw on the wall that they were selling the light kits that the speakers were using at a special price. Well, with shaky hands and cold sweats I bought my dream lights. I said to myself "wow, I just bought the same lights that Matthew Jordan Smith used". This was mind blowing. But as the post says you only cry once. As much as a photographer spends in a year this is a big deal for this type of purchase and I'm sure there will be tears when the credit card bill shows up. Even with all that I know that I have the best money can buy. I have no more excuses and will never second guess my lighting equipment.
Since I like sharing techie stuff... this was shot with one light high up and camera left. Nothing else. Love the dramatic lighting. Just a bit of light on the background from spill off. Guess I need a grid :)
I also shot it with the Canon 100mm Macro, one of my fav lenses for studio work.

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