Hello all you cool kats.
I hope you have had one of the best summers of your life. I know I have.
I've been reconnecting with the landscape and nature photography I knew and loved (see #1 and #2). It's one of those times in my life where I noticed that I had been neglecting parts and one of those was my photography. I dove head first into new and old techniques that has rejuvenated my love of the sport (only I would call photography a "sport").
Now don't get nervous. Those techniques are also for my wedding and portraiture. More daring images, experimenting with off camera flash and utilizing all the toys...I mean tools, in my bag.
The good the bad and the ugly...
As you have noticed I haven't blogged much. Well there is a reason for that. Some, most, are over on my Facebook Fan Page. I can hear you all cringe. My page is open for all. You don't need to be my friend or like me(that all sounded sad). Any kind words are appreciated but you can just stop by and take a peek. IT'S FREE!!! (so loud).
I will not forget this blog it's just that I can't juggle Blog/FB/Twitter etc. I will be starting up my scanning of old images soon and will be planing on posting a bit more ofter regardless of what I have to share. So please stop on by the old FB fan page and see what's new.
P.S. "cool kats"...please don't ask. It just came to me.

1 comment:

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