A whole lot of fun!!!

Hi all! We had so much fun this past Saturday. A few friends from out of state came down so we could shoot a mock wedding.
Meet Jeff and Susan. They never had any wedding images from their actual wedding so we dressed them up and took them out. I had a lot of fun showing my photog friends how I go about shooting a wedding. We staid away from your "Traditional" type of wedding images. We tried some different types of landscape, cityscape and backlit images. We also shoot all the detail type images at their house before they got ready. I could definitely get use to this on few weekends without weddings or family sessions.
A special thank you to the Brierley Johnson Florist for some awesome flowers for the bride and groom. Thanks Guys!

Yes! It was a beautiful day with just a bit of wind. How lucky is that?

A little daytime backlight at a cloudy point in the day.

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Deb Bettencourt said...

I had a great time & can't wait to "wow" my next bride and groom with some new techniques in a few weeks! I should have paid closer attention to your running conversation with Sue & Jeff since you clearly put them at ease from the beginning. Thanks again!