So Happy! Why? Well, I have my first wedding of the season coming up this Sunday. It's always fun to shoot the 1st of the season. Sometimes it's in February with the chance of snow or it's in May and you wonder if you have enough umbrellas. It looks as if I'll bring umbrellas for this one but don't think I'll need them. It makes you wish you lived some where warmer so people got married more ofter year round, like Florida or S. California.
Now being the 1st I have a little extra prep. I usually wait till the day before to check all the gear but it's the 1st. I've been in portrait, baby and holiday mode for so long that I need to find all of the gear. A lens at the studio one in a bag and another at home that only comes out for weddings. Not to mention ck. all the batteries and memory cards, which up to about a week ago I was missing enough cards to shoot two weddings. So yes there is a little stress and anxiety with the first wedding but when you get the opportunity to do the thing you love then you can deal with it.
I wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

These images are from last years first. Amy and Andrew on May 29th 2010.

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