It's been an interesting year so far and I'm busting at the seems (no fat jokes please) with what's coming up. In about a month or so I will be launching a whole new look and style of Craig Freeman Photography. For those who just went pale let me explain. One of the bigest changes is in style but, in fact a big BUT, I will be shooting a style that mixes with my current look and hope will at first complement before being of stronger influence. Ie: you will still get the Craig Freeman you hired.
As for a bit of insight as to the look and feel go no further than the logo on the images below and take a look at the still ongoing project "The Iconic Image Project". I'm also wanting to build an even bigger portfolio of this new style so if you or some one you know would like to be part of a revolutionary wedding and portrait style please let me know, I am looking for a few models.

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